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As well as becoming renowned as a chainsaw artist and storyteller, Bruce Bayard is also in the process of publishing his autobiography, "In Search of Chainsaw Bear." The book covers the chronological events of Bayard's life for the past 50 years - from his beginning in the frozen upper Midwest of Minnesota to the aggressive and event-filled San Francisco Bay area of the 1960's. After graduating high school in the Santa Clara Valley of the south Bay, Bruce witnesses the rise of the "Silicon Valley" and shares with the "Baby Boom" generation in an unmatched lifestyle of awakening and burnout of the West's free-thinking society.

Bruce Bayard is then married as he and his wife set out for many years on a cross-country search to find truth. Having experienced academia's vanity and arrogance during his college challenges, Bruce moves on and tastes the showmanship and deception of activism and politics.

Finally making a full circle, Bruce Bayard finds himself in his work as a creative thinker and artist.

Many people have read Bayard's already finished transcripts of his autobiography and found it hard to put them down, always anticipating a new event and change. "Can't wait to see what comes next."

"In Search of Chainsaw Bear" is projected to be finished soon. Stay alert.

To reach Bruce, you can call 1-800-257-2327.

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