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As a child growing up in California, Bruce Bayard was blessed with an endless imagination and was often accused of being a dreamer. Bruce's Math teacher once warned him that, "The only thing that comes to dreamers is sleep."

Since his teens, Bayard has written many stories and developed verbal communication abilities, thus, adding to his storytelling capabilities. By the 1990's, Bayard started performing his stories in local coffee houses and schools in New York's Hudson River Valley, with musical backup from Folk and Bluegrass musicians.

Bruce Bayard's modern folk tales center on and show the flavor of the rural Hudson Valley lifestyle that is quickly disappearing due to a building sprawl. Bruce also shares stories of his earlier wanderings across America.

Bayard's first music/story CD has been completed and is moving hearts throughout the Hudson Valley.

"Stories From The Hudson" Track List:

  1. Ballad Of Red Bear (5:29) A fearless logger becomes a legand. (Hear a sample!)
  2. Mayhem In Marlboro (7:32) Its easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission!
  3. Three Gifts (4:53) A chance meeting between an old man and a small child explains Christmas.
  4. Sunglasses (4:48) It ain't easy being upstanding.
  5. St. Paul (3:32) If you ride like the wind, the storm can't catch up.
  6. Norman's Baseball (7:40) The discovery of a legandary artifact reunites a man with the memory of his father. (Hear a sample!)
  7. Flying Fortress (4:08) The story of a war hero who tries to forget from the voice of his son. (Hear a sample!)
  8. New Republic (7:26) The glory of the United States
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