Chainsaw Bear 5360 Rt 9W (31/4 mi. north of I-84), Newburgh, NY
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Bruce Bayard of the Hudson Valley in New York State is an acclaimed chainsaw artist, story teller, writer and inspirational speaker. His work as a chainsaw sculptor and wood-art visionary has sparked enthusiasm Chainsaw Bear 5360 Rt 9W (31/4 mi. north of I-84),Newburgh, NY 12550 Need a custom carving? Give a call  1-800-257-BEAR or 845-569-4752 worldwide. Bayard's craftsmanship and his attention to detail are aided by his internal spirit; a spirituality that allows a glimpse of nature to extend from his fingertips.

Bruce Bayard's creative spirit produces a story that only he can tell. From the peaks and valleys he has traveled through arose a storyteller; a storyteller that has touched the hearts of listeners in various settings.

Bayard's storytelling is most evident in his work as a writer and inspirational speaker. While the context of his verse is soothing and free flowing, it also carries a wave of creativity that will be most evident in his soon-to-be-released autobiography, "In Search of Chainsaw Bear". Bruce Bayard will talk about his craft, his book and his life for various assemblies of individuals through inspirational speaking engagements.

Bruce Bayard is a consummate searcher for the spirit within. Through the showcasing of his wood-design artistry, story telling, writing and inspirational oration, Bruce Bayard will positively influence the world around him.

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